‘Sports Illustrated’ Picks Its Top 50 Most Fashionable Athletes

Sports Illustrated has unveiled its list of the 50 most fashionable and stylish athletes, as decided by a panel of sports and fashion experts.

Victor Cruz of the New York Giants took the #1 spot, with Russel Westbrook in #2

Notable names include Cristiano Ronaldo, New York Rangers goalkeeper Hendrik Lundqvist, Russell Westbrook, Serena and Venus Williams, David Beckham and other fashionable individuals from all over the wide world of sport.




Magic Week

I attended the Magic Convention this Week at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I attended two seminars. The first was CREATING AUTHENTICITY FOR YOUR BRAND, DEVELOPING YOUR LIFESTYLE, AND GETTING YOUR MESSAGE OUT. The speakers were very inspiring and knowledgeable. The speakers were:

  • Matthew Schildkret, Scarf Baron, LATE SUNDAY AFTERNOON
  • Scott Leonard, CEO, INDIGENOUS

They both had created very authentic brands, and both catering to their beliefs and the community. Matthew built a scarf brand from basically nothing. He started out by making scarfs for homeless people and friends, and then it just grew and grew and he now has employees and a store in Venice Beach. He was very inspiring because his brand was a representation of his beliefs and himself. He wants to help his community, and help the world in a bigger scheme of things. He says it is important to keep your brand’s integrity by being true to yourself and doing what you love will be what drives you each day. Also he says it is important to be authentic to your values, and your scale. He doesn’t compromise his values for a bigger payday or order, and he likes to be at the center of everything in the company. His community and lifestyle keep his brand authentic, and keeps him happy with what he is doing. I thought his words were very important for a start up designer or business of any sort.

The next seminar was about INTERACTIVE BRAND STRATEGY. The speakers were:

  • David Buivid, EP of Brand and Interactive, NUTMEG CREATIVE
  • Dan Brownsher, VP Business Development and Strategic Planning, TREND NATION

This seminar was somewhat interesting, because I felt I am pretty good at social media already, but it was interesting to see the statistics of things. The most important thing I took away from this was that you MUST have clean distribution of your products. You must sell to trusted buyers, and know exactly where your product will end up. If you don’t you will find your product everywhere being sold at different price points and probably not marketed correctly, and this could create a bad representation of your product. They also explained how and when to get into Amazon, since it controls like 60% of online shopping. The rest of the seminar was about Facebook, Ebay, Instagram and things like that, which are fairly simple concepts to me. You just want to create something you believe in for your brand, and continue to push that concept and give followers what they want.



Our next challenge was to find 5 examples of surface design on garments. I was at the WWD portion of the convention, which seemed like a lot of ready to wear, bohemian style clothing. Less of crazy designer stuff. A lot of the surface design I came across was embroidery, beading, and dyes. IMG_0410.JPGIMG_0413.JPGIMG_0414.JPGIMG_0417.JPGIMG_0418.JPG


Trending: Mesh: VOGUE Magazine

Vogue Magazine has named mesh as a top 20 trend for Spring/Summer 2015. From left to right they featured Balenciaga, Calvin Klein Collection, and Versace. The trend was also spotted in Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, Dolce & Gabbana by Vogue.tendances_mode_printemps___t___2015_resille_149943771_north_883x.1